Where mercy needs to be today

In the Old Testament prophet, we hear God speak:
‘I have heard the cry of my people;
I have come to deliver them.’
And we know where mercy needs to be today:
wherever ‘the cry of the poor meets the ear of God.’

God speaks, too, in the words and deeds of Jesus.
He is moved with compassion at the plight
of all who come in search of his help:
He reaches out to touch all who have been shut out,
to draw them into the aroha of God.

In the spirit of Catherine, we seek to be there,
where the cry of the poor reaches the ear of God.
As outsiders are drawn into the circle of Mercy,
mana is restored and manaakitanga shown,
we find ways to share with others
the gifts which God has lovingly bestowed on us.

These prayers originally appeared as part of the monthly reflection Imaging Mercy Today, written by Dennis Horton, a member of He Waka Tiaki, the mission team of Tiaki Manatu Mercy Ministries New Zealand. They may be reproduced and used with acknowledgment.

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