Whānau Mercy

To be whānau is to belong, to know you belong and to belong in a particular way. It provides an identity and a set of symbols, stories, whakapapa, and beliefs one can stand tall with, be proud of and be confident in. Whatever the weather or circumstance, you know you can count unequivocally on this support and expect it. This is tautoko – the support offered and provided because you belong to the whānau, you are the whānau. – excerpt from Whānau Mercy by Richard Kerr-Bell

Richard Kerr-Bell is the Kaihautū/Mission Administrator for Ngā Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand. He has written a paper on Whānau Mercy which is great place to begin our Whānau Mercy journey. You can download the complete PDF by clicking here.

In his paper Richard references Pope Francis from his powerful TEDTalk you can view here.











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