Villa Maria College Christchurch

Villa Maria College, Christchurch, choir Con Brio made the NZ finals of the Big Sing Competition where they won Silver in Auckland in August. Ruby Williams won the senior section of the Re:ACTIVATE project organised by SCAPE art where students were given a brief and had to meet certain requirements in their design. “My design was of a live tree with its branch previously sawn off due to damage or disease. Replacing that branch was a wire mesh copy resembling the memory of the limb that used to be there.Christchurch City is similar in some regards; it fell during the earthquake and was completely changed, parts of it were gone but not forgotten.” Engineers have been tasked with taking Ruby’s ideas from the pages of her book and making it into a reality.

In other good news for the school Francoise Heenan, Assistant Principal in charge of pastoral care at Villa Maria College, is one of the Pasifika Education Grant recipients for 2017. This grant will allow her to continue to focus on the Pasifika mentoring project which she helped start in 2016 and, in addition to this, start her second project which will focus on identity and language.


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