Time to return

After several weeks holiday, lots of sunshine and hopefully rest and relaxation many of us have returned to work and some of us will soon be back at school. We don’t usually relish the knowledge that our long summer break is coming to an end but there are some things you can do to make the transition a bit easier.

Get organised
Don’t wait until the last minute to check your uniform is up to scratch and that you have all the equipment you need for a smooth day one. Clear out left over 2018 rubbish from your bag and gather together stationery items in the week before term one starts.
Calendar Review
Make sure you know start dates and times for the school year and work out transport routes, so you are not running at the last minute. No one wants to be late for school on day one!
Start a list
Start a checklist that details everything needed to get through the first week back. You’ll feel so much more relaxed and ready when you know that everything is written down and planned. This also helps to avert that last-minute panic or middle of the night stress moment as you think of things that you should have taken care of.
Achievement Goals
You may also want to start a list that details the five or ten things that you want to accomplish this year as a priority. Perhaps you want to decrease social media time, increase out of school study time, take on additional responsibilities within school or take on tasks that support our Mercy values. No matter what the driver, a planned list of goals and priorities is a great way to get motivated and remain on track throughout the year ahead.
Remove holiday time distractions
Yes, it’s time to limit the Netflix time, the Instagram feed and the Facebook time. All of these can cause small distractions that add up during the day and take time away from the importance of study and developing/confirming new friendships and contacts. There will be enough challenge through the year without the distractions of late night binge watching or screen time.
Make Plans to have fun 
Make sure the first few weeks don’t become all hard work and no play. Plan something to look forward to during that first weekend back so that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Don’t be too hard on yourself
Returning to school after holidays is a transition time. Make sure you go easy on yourself when it comes to readjusting your headspace. Try and retain that relaxed feeling for as long as possible and most importantly enjoy the new possibilities of a new year shared with friends.

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