The path to successful study

The prospect of exam time can be daunting, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to fulfil your potential and demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have worked so hard to develop over the year. Education truly enhances the quality of human life.
Ahead of NCEA examinations, there are a number of practical tips you can adopt to enter this time with a cool, calm and collected head.
Gather as much information about NCEA as possible: if your school is offering information sessions about NCEA, take up the offer! Knowledge is power and there is great value in understanding everything you can about how to be best prepared, what examiners will be looking for, and how the system works.
Hone your study skills: disciplined thought comes from a disciplined and happy mind. Where you can get support to refine your study habits and maximise the return on your efforts, take up those opportunities. Eating well, lots of rest and having self-compassion underpin great study skills.
Turnitin: examinations are always rooted in justice, ensuring hard workers are able to enjoy the successes they so richly deserve, and that these successes are framed by honesty, integrity and good order. Software programme, Turnitin, is an important part of ensuring justice is served within the education system by helping students to avoid plagiarism. Open to year 11-13 students, take up any opportunity you can to learn about how this system can help you.
Be kind to yourself : a very important part of excellent performance during exam time is to find ways to be kind to yourself. Exam times can come with ups and downs, and having compassion for yourself is essential. Relaxation techniques to relieve anxiety and stress are so helpful. Find what works best for you – from exercise to prayer. Tuakana training is very valuable in this way, so get involved where you can.
Resolving conflicts: when we feel stressed, tensions can run higher with friends and family. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is a great way to practise mercy, compassion, justice, hospitality and respect. Supporting each other with innate love and concern helps us to have a higher purpose and enables us to strengthen our faith, belief and conviction that Christ is in every person. Tuakana training is very valuable in this way, so get involved where you can.


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