Te Ngākau Waiora Mercy Spirituality Centre Intergenerational Forum

Two of our senior students, Eva Hall and Rachel D’Souza were asked to participate in an Intergenerational forum held at the Te Ngākau Waiora Mercy Spirituality Centre. This involved groups of students, adults and elderly getting together to discuss relevant topics that are impacting our society today. They looked at issues that ranged from global warming through to discrimination, and were given the opportunity to learn and gain different perspectives on many of these topics.

The intergenerational forum was truly an awesome experience for me. We were able to share our opinions to those of all ages, and also listen to other people’s views, whilst discussing thought provoking issues. It was definitely enlightening to see people of different generations come together to discuss issues of our society. Two topics that really stood out to me were; the rate of domestic violence in New Zealand, and the idea of positive and negative discrimination of cultures, the poor, and in our Churches. These are interesting and important topics and I found it really amazing to see every one of all ages discussing this with a passion. – Rachel D’Souza

The intergenerational forum was an insightful and thought provoking day, and one Rachel and I were lucky enough to experience.  Listening to the opinions of others on these topics gave me so much to think about. When I shared my opinions, the feedback and discussion really enhanced my understanding of the issues. I am grateful for this experience and it will definitely be one I will never forget.  It is so rare to have the opportunity to talk to people from all different generations about the topics that are important to society. – Eva Hall

Text provided by Marianne Bray from St Mary’s College, Auckland.

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