Steps to follow for successful study


With examination time just on the horizon, the prospect of putting all the knowledge you have worked so hard to earn over the course of this year into practice may feel overwhelming at times. The best course of action to help you feel prepared is to maximise the study time you have available, and to remember that education truly enhances the quality of human life.

Successful study doesn’t need to be considered a ‘fine art’. While there is a beauty and richness to human diversity and we are all unique in our own way, there are some key things we all can do that unite us in our common goal of fulfilling our potential.

Set realistic goals: when we define small, realistic goals and we achieve these, we are keeping promises that we have made to ourselves and this is about being responsible for our own actions and choices. In short, we are showing ourselves respect and striving for excellence – these values are rewarding to our self-esteem. Plan out your study sessions with clear objectives and write these down. Ticking them off as you go will fill you with pride and encourage you to keep pressing on.

Get into the zone: staying in touch with our friends and family is important to all of us – showing them love and care helps us to be more compassionate people. During study sessions, it can be tempting to be in constant contact with them because they provide a comforting distraction – as does our social media and mobiles! Try to switch off and get into the zone when you are studying. Eliminating any additional ‘noise’ is important when you are on the path to pursuing excellence.

Make time for enrichment: while being in the zone is important, none of us are capable of studying 24 hours a day and that’s perfectly fine! It’s healthy for mind, body and soul to take some time out for you to do the things that make you happy. There is great personal victory and value in service – helping others and of course helping ourselves. Service is a virtuous act and spending time with friends and family and bringing some joy into their life will also bring joy to yours and help you to reboot your battery.

Keep the end goal in site: examination time is firmly rooted in justice – ensuring those who have been dedicated to their work and study are justly rewarded for their efforts. We all have days where we feel burdened by the task at hand, but just remember all of the time, energy and even the struggle is worth it. Remember why you are applying yourself and that it is all for a very worthy cause.

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