Stepping out in Easter’s light

E Te Atua atawhai kaha,
God, whose name is abundant mercy,
in Jesus who died and rose again
you promise to lift us
above all that weighs us down,
to live in the light
of a love that knows no limit.

We thank you for the women
who came to the empty tomb,
the first to meet the risen Christ
and to set out in courage to share their news.

We give thanks for Mother Cecilia Maher
and her band of courageous companions,
who came here to widen the circle of Mercy,
to stand with and serve all at the edges,
and to draw them into the warmth of God’s love.

Empower us with Easter grace
to don those boots in our turn,
stepping out to wherever your love still waits to go,
in Mercy’s name. Amen.

These prayers originally appeared as part of the monthly reflection Imaging Mercy Today, written by Dennis Horton, a member of He Waka Tiaki, the mission team of Tiaki Manatu Mercy Ministries New Zealand. They may be reproduced and used with acknowledgment.

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