St Mary’s College Wellington

This new addition in the foyer of St Mary’s College Wellington needs nothing written about it. It speaks for itself as a commitment to, and charter for mercy.

School Principal Catherine Ryan is justifiably proud of this new addition. It’s been a great period for the school as its Kapa Haka and Tu Tungata groups have excelled. Nine students from the school performed in the combined St Patrick’s, St Catherine’s and St Mary’s Colleges’ group, Ngā Maioha o Te Rangikauia in the regional competition for Kapa Haka.  Tu Tangata means to “stand tall” and stand tall they did at a stunning performance at the Michael Fowler Centre on the 26th of July. The performance was student-led and student-choreographed.  The St Mary’s students  were especially chosen by the Komiti to present last in the group of performances. This is a position of honour at the Tu Tangata festival.

You can view the entire Tu Tangata Polyfest 2017 performance here. The St Mary’s performance begins at 2:53:20.

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