Spring Growth and Renewal

Your love calls to us…in every pebble, rock and hill – to sing of your mercy and justice.

Sr Rosaleen Hogan rsm

Photo – S Theodore & courtesy of the Jonathan Smart Gallery

As September rolls around we celebrate the dawning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Spring represents a time of awakening and rejuvenation. Rather than hit the malls or movies in the weekends we start to think about spending a weekend at the beach or exercising outdoors and making the most of the early summer sun. And it seems that nature is copying our own renewed zest with buds appearing and new shoots shooting!
Spring is also a great time for us to look forward and set new goals for the coming season. All too often our goals can be thwarted and derailed by simple obstacles. So, what can we do to keep on track and keep up that forward momentum?
Write them down!
Writing down our goals either on paper or on our computer, phone or laptop makes them more real and helps to keep us committed. You can revisit them on a regular basis and tweak them if needed to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Its also easy to measure progress when you have a clear starting point to look back on. A good goal should take at least a few months to achieve.
Make them simple and achievable
Its probably realistic to set out five goals that you know you can complete and then feel good about rather than fifteen that never get finished. If you find you have too many goals on that list, then shift some into next year and just focus on current priorities.
Make them tight!
Once you’ve written your goals down you should go back and refine them or tighten them up, so you are clear about what you want to achieve, how you will achieve it and when you will achieve it.
Check in!
Don’t forget to build a regular “check in” time into your diary to assess where you are at and progress made. Maybe every Saturday morning is check in time! Look at what you have done, why you got that finished, what were the things that held you back and plan how to keep moving forward after setbacks.
Before you know it, you will have worked through your list and made some real progress.

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