Shaking off the New Year nerves

A New Year brings with it new opportunities – the chance to try again. With a blank canvas in front of us, the possibilities are endless. Although this prospect can be a little bit daunting sometimes, especially if you are yet to set some goals.

If you’re struggling to shake off the New Year nerves, you’re not alone! Start off by reminding yourself that God is at work in an unfolding, unfinished universe. In other words, no one has all the answers when it comes to what lies ahead, so try to enjoy the journey.

Our constant is God and our mercy values which offer an enduring approach to the world. You can find safety and security in both, and use the following top tips to help you on your way to your best year yet.

  1. Try your best: when it comes to your education, there are many curve balls you can’t control, but what counts is that you always try your best. Motivation and effort are two virtues that will never let you down. As a faithful steward of God’s mercy, collaborate with God in the times you feel lost, especially in these early days if what lies ahead feels all too overwhelming. Engagement of this nature invites God’s gracious presence to help transform the situation revealing God’s desire for a fulfilled life. Just remember that success isn’t always defined by perfect grades but can also be realised in the application one demonstrates, and in our willingness to try our best.
  2. Don’t take on too much: the fear of failure can be completely consuming and paralysing – paradoxically, it can also see us taking on way too much responsibility in one go. Always remember that while mission is at the heart of who we are, we can show our commitment to God one step at a time. Plan out your ambitions one by one, and only take on more responsibility when you feel you can handle it.
  3. Live in hope: the human spirit is never meant to live without hope. Even in the most troubling or challenging times, hope will see us through. If you are feeling concerned or intimidated by what lies ahead, reflect on, and hold close to your heart the all-important Psalm: “God will keep you from all harm – will watch over your life; will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”
  4. Confide in your community: all living creatures are interconnected and ‘counsel’ is an important spiritual work of mercy as is ‘comforting the sorrowing’. With this in mind, and in knowing that a problem shared is a problem halved. Look to your brothers and sisters in your circle of trust and be open with them about your struggles. They will come willingly with advice, compassion, and most importantly, love.

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