Moving UP and Moving Forward

Moving UP and Moving Forward is a new, free, course starting 13 February for the people of Tamaki and being offered by Te Waipuna Puawai’s Growing Financial Independence in Tamaki (g – fit) programme. If you are thinking of improving your whānau’s income by training for, or getting a job, then this is an opportunity to start following your dreams and your journey to a better future. Moving UP and Moving Forward is a chance to explore your future options, identify your strengths and get support with moving past those barriers holding you back. Call or text Melissa on 0800 874 348 to register.

Te Waipuna Puawai Mercy Oasis is a thriving community development initiative of the Sisters of Mercy Aotearoa. It was established in 1999, building on a decade of highly respected community development work in Glen Innes. Te Waipuna Puawai weaves together three important strands to create a mercy approach:

Papatuanuku – a strong commitment to fostering earth awareness and responding to the call to heal the environment.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and to working in ways that work for Māori whānau and communities.

Tikanga Atawhai – the practice of Mercy values

Through these strands Te Waipuna Puawai are committed to working with and alongside women, children and families living on the margins of our society. Their aim is to improve lives of families by providing family support services and adult education.

Te Waipuna Puawai build supportive relationships with whānau by connecting them with others in the local community and developing a pathway to achieve and celebrate their goals. Te Waipuna Puawai are actively involved in Tamaki community-building initiatives, visioning processes and networking activities. Tamaki (g–fit) is a programme pivotal to Te Waipuna Puawai in its community outreach.

A representation of Catherine McAuley’s shawl in which she wrapped an orphaned baby

As the name suggests, Growing Financial Independence in Tamaki (g–fit) is a programme to help the people of Tamaki to increase their financial wellbeing and a brighter future for their whānau. The Coordinator, Susan Scofield, is happy to give you more information – contact her on 027 569 9506.


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