Mid-Winter, Mercy and Matariki Quiz

A group of sisters residing at St Mary’s decided they would like to do something a bit different to celebrate the June feast days – Sr Rossello on the 12th, Sr Patricia Erin on 13th and Sr Irenaeus on 28th.  Sr Marcienne came up with the idea of a mid -Winter celebration. Staff from New Street and other guests were invited to a fun lunch and warm hospitality.

Part of the lunch was a mercy quiz. Test your mercy and Matariki knowledge by taking the quiz!




Mid-Winter, Mercy and Matariki Quiz

  1. When is the Winter Solstice and what does it mean?
  2. What are some of the symbols of Mid-Winter?
  3. When does Matariki occur each year?
  4. What are some of the activities of Matariki?
  5. When and where did Catherine McAuley begin the Sisters of Mercy?
  6. What year did the Sisters of Mercy come to NZ and name at least two members of the original group?
  7. Why are so many Christmas Carols associated with mid-Winter?
  8. What is a name in some other language for Matariki 
  1. Where is Cecilia Maher buried?


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