Mercy given and received

Kia whakapaingia to tatou Atua atawhai;
pūmau tonu nei ana mahi tohu!
Give thanks to our God who is gracious;
whose mercy endures for ever!

As Catherine McAuley instructs us,
mercy receives the ungrateful again and again,
and never wearies in pardoning them.
May we learn from her witness
never to tire in offering forgiveness
to those who have upset or hurt us,
refusing to let bitterness take root.

May our ministries lead us to the periphery
of our world, where great changes are likely
when the gifts we share let in the light,
shining through the cracks that show in
the fragile communities we stand with
as mercy is given and received.

These prayers originally appeared as part of the monthly reflection Imaging Mercy Today, written by Dennis Horton, a member of He Waka Tiaki, the mission team of Tiaki Manatu Mercy Ministries New Zealand. They may be reproduced and used with acknowledgment.

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