Kick off your Sunday shoes!

Front row: William Topham, Luke Mangels, Georgia Singleton, Isaac Smith, Alexis Cassin Middle Row: Josephine Grant, Molly Hanning, Brooke McAlavey, Alice Feasey Back Row: Luke McLaughlin, Lily Bennett, Sarah Ta, Oliver Darby Image courtesy of Villa Maria College Christchurch

Villa Maria College, together with St Thomas of Canterbury College, is pleased to present its 2019 musical extravaganza – Footloose!
Villa Maria College has a history of producing top notch stage shows, and Footloose promises to be another impressive show, and is expected to be a sell-out.
“We have more than a hundred Villa girls and St Thomas boys who have been working hard for several months to bring this stage favourite to life,” explained Ms Shannon Peck, Villa Maria College’s drama teacher, and director of Footloose.
“The cast is incredibly talented, and particularly love the songs that they get to perform, including hits like Let’s Hear It For The Boy, Holding out for a Hero and of course, Footloose.”
The College has a reputation for its musical talent, with three award-winning choirs, and the girls enjoy the opportunity to take their singing talents to the stage, and combine singing with acting.
“We were so blown away during the audition process late last year, that we have cast two sets of lead characters, who will take turns throughout the week of shows,” said Ms Peck.
“The students are showing enormous commitment to the production, and we hold rehearsals after school, during weekends and the school holidays. It’s wonderful to see the students so passionate about the production, and they are proud to be able to showcase their skills to our audiences next month.”
The students who make up the crew behind the scenes have been developing a range of skills, from lighting and sound, to front of house and stage management.
“We like to give the students as many opportunities as we can so that they can truly experience what it is like to work within a theatre environment,” said Ms Peck.
“Some students have acting aspirations, some are particularly interested in backstage careers, and some just enjoy being part of our vibrant team. It’s a golden opportunity for our students, and something they will remember being part of long after they’ve left our College.”
Footloose runs from 14-17 May, at Villa Maria College. Tickets are available to buy from the College Office during school days.

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