Juggling it all

We’re all familiar with that feeling of wishing we had several clones we could delegate to. From a busy social life, to ‘life admin’, to the sometimes overwhelming demands of an intense study and extra-curricular activity schedule; juggling it all is no mean feat.

With warm, sunny days on our doorstep and summer’s generous events calendar winning our affections as we draw closer to all-important examination time, here are some tips to help you perfect the art of time management so you can enjoy some down time without jeopardising your study obligations.

Giving and receiving: we’re all familiar with the age old adage ‘a problem shared, a problem halved’ and the beauty of this sentiment lies in the fact that there is no giving without receiving. While we find great purpose in supporting others, we need to remember that others can fulfil their own potential – emotionally and spiritually – by helping us in our times of need too. To that end, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call on friends and family for moral and practical support – perhaps you need someone to quiz you, or it might be that you need some temporary relief from additional obligations. Either way, asking for help can be mutually beneficial for you and those you surround yourself with.

Value what is important: we’ve all experienced the sense that we are ‘missing out’ at some point – it can be an overwhelming emotion that rears its head at the times we are the busiest and feel pulled in a million directions. This is where the motto ‘Ut Probes Potion’ or ‘Learn to Prize what is of Value’ is most important to remember and hold close to our hearts as a guiding principle. While it can be flattering to receive lots of invitations, true friendships are not about a numbers game. Life isn’t a popularity contest and meaningful social interactions are not measured by frequency but rather the quality of the time spent together. Keep this in mind when you feel you are missing out on social occasions – try to schedule in meaningful get togethers with friends and never feel these need to be at the expense of your study. True friendships will always stand the test of time no matter how often you see each other!

Feel empowered through planning: a key mercy value is excellence and you can demonstrate and experience this value through setting goals and planning. Creating a weekly schedule where you can establish a clear plan for yourself – from your social engagements to your study – will provide you with a strong feeling of organisation which is always key to feeling in control. Don’t be afraid to tweak your schedule if you feel you have over or underestimated the time involved with a particular task – the key is to not over-commit yourself. Learning to prioritise is essential and is a great skill you can carry throughout life.

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