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The HEART movement is a community led programme of Te Waipuna Puawai, developed to respond to high rates of family violence in Tamaki.  The HEART Movement works to promote positive, healthy relationships and prevent family violence. Our vision is a community where loving, safe and supportive relationship are created and nurtured.

The HEART movement campaigns to send messages to the communities around building healthy relationships to increase their involvement with the HEART Movement.  This campaign is run through a valued partnership with the Outside the Square project of AUT University.   The campaign was designed and implemented by the students over a period of four months culminating with the HEART Awards Night. The awards are a celebration and acknowledgement of the work of all involved with the HEART Movement.

This year the HEART Awards were held on the 20th October, at Te Oro in Glen Innes. Bev Adair Beets and Jane Koziol Mclain were the key note speakers. Bev Adair-Beets is a youth mentor & tutor. Bev was an innocent victim of ongoing child abuse and has become a youth advocate speaking out against family violence. She works with young people in Street Dance/Hip Hop performance and Performing Arts, using this as a platform for positive growth. Bev recently joined The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa as a board trustee.

Professor Jane Koziol McLain (Professor of Nursing and Co-Director Interdisciplinary Trauma Research Centre) has over 30 years of experience in her field. She also has a talent for research into the health system response to violence against women and children. She is currently leading three research projects including:

  • An investigation into an internet-based intervention to improve mental health outcomes for abused women
  • An evaluation of District Health Board systems for responding to victims of family violence funded by the Ministry of Health
  • Looking at women’s experience of health care after disclosing partner violence.

Alongside this work Professor Koziol McLain consults in the Pacific with the United Nations Population Fund.

This year the awards presented were made by the local artist Emily Karaka for the HEART Movement.

The HEART Training Award recognizes a person who has attended the maximum number of trainings and has demonstrated extensive commitment to upskill themselves and grow their knowledge to build healthy relationships.  This years winner was Reverend Atu Lagi, manager of the Stream Trust.

The HEART Partnership Award is for the partner that provided the most significant assistance to Heart’s work.  This year that award went to Te Oro.

The HEART Practitioner Award recognizes a practitioner who has shown extensive commitment to grow the work of the HEART Movement. Tracey Wakefield, Practice Leader from Tamaki Community Development Trust, was this year’s winner


The HEART Movement has around 40 champions popularly known as community change agents.  They are volunteers who put in extensive hours to take the messages of the HEART Movement to their own homes and networks.   This year the work of three champions that stood out:

Bryant Walker coined the term “pocket’s of hope” for the regular hangout space for the community. He has linked many people into a men’s support group, as well as the Pockets of Hope Programme. Bryant and his family are always there for clean up after dinner and support, which is never an easy job.

Jay Hohaia has been critical to the success of the HEART BBQ in The Parks Programme. He is part of the HEART Leaders forum and has attended numerous trainings and connected many people to HEART.

The final Champion Award for this year was to Tara Moala.  She is a key administrator of the popular HEART Movement Facebook page. She participated in a range of training and led the organization of the first community-driven HEART BBQ in The Park in Torino Reserve.

Above and Beyond HEART Award

This award went to the Faith Family Church. Not one, not two but almost everyone from the Church is involved with the HEART Movement. Pastor Carla is part of the Leaders Forum.

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