Endeavours to protect Papatūānuku

“The simplest and most practical lesson I know … is to resolve to be good today – but better tomorrow”

Catherine McAuley

Last week we all heard the long-overdue and very positive news that within a year, plastic bags in New Zealand will be banned. The Government has made the decision to phase-out single use shopping bags which will be compulsory for retailers.

Our beautiful Mother Nature is so deserving of this essential change and it marks the start of an important, progressive journey for us all. While the former head of Mercy Global Concern at the United Nations said we can’t be expected to fix the whole world all at once, “we can stretch out to mend the part of the world within our reach”.

Our environment needs mending and nurturing so that future generations who stand to inherit it can emulate the example we have set for them and love our planet in the way it deserves to be loved in honour of our beliefs We need to become creators of new patterns to enhance today’s ministries for tomorrow’s mission.

Here are some other ways you can show your commitment to the all-important cause of protecting our gift.

Manage your stormwater – stormwater is any water that runs off the land, down our drains and then into our rivers and waterways untreated. If you are walking your dog make sure you pick up any dog waste and dispose of it properly, wash your car on the grass verge and wash paint brushes in the laundry sink not outside drains. Protect our waterways!

Recycle and upcycle: schooling yourself and your wider community on what is recyclable and how to recycle things properly is important. There is an abundance of information online that will help you navigate this sometimes-confusing terrain. Also look at how you can express yourself creatively by repurposing materials for clothes or homeware. Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas!

Walk, bike and carpool: combating air pollution is a great commitment to the environment. Biking or walking to school, work or hobbies is excellent for your physical and mental wellbeing and reduces your carbon footprint. If you must travel long distances, look at ride-sharing with friends or family.

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