Earth Day Prayer

(on or about April 22)

A matter of faith

In the name of God the Creator we gather
In the name of Jesus the Word we ponder
In the name of the Spirit of life, we open our hearts.

Call to prayer (leader):
God’s creation is delivering unsettling news.
Earth’s climate is warming to dangerous levels.
This is a new situation – a new challenge.
It calls for humanity to bear some of the pain of creation,
as well as to enjoy and celebrate it.
And so, together on this Earth Day
we pray for the strength and courage
to respond to the call.

Prayer (together):
As we breathe the air that sustains us,
we remember your love, O God,
which gives us life.

Fill us with compassion for creation.
Empty us of apathy, selfishness and fear,
of all pessimism and hesitation.

Breathe into us solidarity
with all who struggle now,
and with future generations who will suffer
from humankind’s irresponsible actions.

Move us to act, in every possible way,
to cherish and save our Earth and
to sustain what you have given us. Amen.

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