Canon NZ donates data projector to Te Waipuna Puawai

Charity is a pillar within mercy. Who amongst us today would give all their new-found wealth to create opportunity for the greater good without question? That is exactly what Catherine McAuley did without hesitation. “No work of charity can be more productive of good to society than the careful instruction of women” is a famous quote from Catherine.

“We’ll do what we can to help” says Trent Forsyth (Business Development CBD Canon Business Solutions). When Te Waipuna Puawai needed a tech upgrade to replace their present setup, Canon NZ stepped in. Canon donated a data projector and mounting bracket that should see the needs of Te Waipuna Puawai into 2018 and beyond. When donations are made they create opportunities. These opportunities make a real impact and give life with more meaning to both parties. A simple act of donating can reinvigorate your life by giving it meaning.
Donating your time as a volunteer is fruitful if giving money is not possible. Canon are also offering free training in Smartboard technology for staff. This will up-skill staff and future-proof Te Waipuna Puawai.

The donation from Canon NZ will help with the “…instruction of women” in community development work in Glen Innes.

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