A special sisterhood

Our mutual respect and charity is to be ‘cordial’ – now ‘cordial’ signifies something that revives, invigorates, and warms – Catherine McAuley


Embarking on the final year at high school is enough to inspire a lot of emotion as we take the time to reflect on all of the amazing memories and ready ourselves for a special year ahead that will never be forgotten.

For Sascha Vesty, this journey is all the more special as she leads her Year 13 peers towards the finish line with the great honour of being Student Body Head Girl. “There are four head roles at St Mary’s College Auckland – the Student Body Head Girl and Deputy and the Special Character Head Girl and Deputy.

“We are different to other schools who usually only have one Head Girl and one Deputy, and we can work together as a team which is really nice.”

The process began with Sascha initially nominating herself before being shortlisted with other successful candidates. “There were eight of us shortlisted towards the end of last year and we each had to give a speech to the entire school. It was quite nerve wracking but good experience being up there in front of everyone. The school then voted before the final decision was made by the senior management and the Principal who took into account their experiences with us.

“The shortlisted candidates were then invited to meet in the school hall where we were given an envelope and we opened it to see if we needed to visit the Principal who gave us the news about our roles. When I came out of the office, my whole year group was there, my sister who is Year 12 gave me a hug, and I hugged my Deputy Lara.”

With a focus on the sisterhood at St Mary’s in 2018, Sascha says she loves how close the school community is and she plans to build on that. “We want to enrich the girls with this sisterhood; to create an environment where all of the girls have input. We want them to know that it doesn’t matter what year group they are; someone will help them. We will achieve this through initiatives like a ‘big sister, little sister’ programme we are working on.”

With plans to introduce this goal to the Student Council’s portfolio which is very student led, Sascha is enjoying the beginning of a new year – the final year of her education with St Mary’s – and the new bond she is experiencing with her peers.

“The first part of this year has been amazing. The girls feel like they can talk to us as leaders about anything – it’s really on a new and different level and we have so many great people around us.”


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