A prayer to bless strategic plans

E Te Atua o nga mea katoa,
God of all that lives,
from the kete of your abundant riches
flow the blessings that make our world fruitful;
and by your own Wairua Tapu
comes the inspiration that guides us
into a future that is still unfolding.

Today we ask your blessing on the plans and budgets
that have been developed for our ministry.
Bless those whose work and effort have produced them,
whose imagination and foresight have shaped them,
whose courage and risk-taking have proposed them.

Be with us as we seek to assess these plans,
to approve them and see them turned into action.
Give us sound judgment and a sense of what is right;
but help us also to look deeply enough into the horizon
to anticipate what lies ahead
and to welcome the winds of change.

Renew in all of us,
charged whether with governance or management,
a sense of sharing in your great work of creation,
discerning the future in ways
that will make our call to mission flourish.
May the partnerships we form be empowering for all.
By recognising the gifts that each one brings,
may we be sure that no one comes empty-handed.
For you have blessed us all, in mercy’s name.

All: Amen.

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