A century of inspiring future leaders

Hurrah for foundations! Makes the old young and the young merry – Catherine McAuley

Head Girl Emily Baker of Villa Maria College 2018

A centennial celebration is always highly anticipated and greatly cherished. When 100 years is being celebrated in the education sector it’s even more special because it recognises the incredible efforts made to raise and nurture future leaders. That’s exactly what Villa Maria College has been doing since it opened on 18 February 1918.

The fact the school turned 100 in 2018 makes it all the more meaningful for new Head Girl Emily Baker. “I feel very privileged and thankful to be given the opportunity to represent Villa Maria College as the Head Girl for the 2018 Centennial Year. I am beyond excited to see what we can achieve as a Villa community during this year of celebration”.

It has been an impressive journey for Emily during her four years at the college with some of the greatest highlights including her time on the field as part of the hockey team – earning the honour of a Federation Cup win in 2016. “As a major interest of mine, it has been amazing to see the growth of hockey at Villa and I believe this year we can continue to have the same success”.

From the sports field to the stage, Emily also holds her Stage Challenge memories close to her heart. “I have had the pleasure of experiencing the cultural side of the college through my involvement in Stage Challenge, taking out first place in the raw division in 2016 was a great achievement of ours”.

Reflecting on these wonderful memories will become an important part of the wider school community as Villa Maria enters its hundredth year. Emily looks forward to leading the school in this year-long celebration. “We will be celebrating the success of all Villa girls both past and present. We will look back on the last 100 years as a school to see how much we have achieved. As leaders this year we wish to embrace tradition, but we are excited about what the future holds as a school for the next 100 years”.

“Our main focus this year as leaders is to create an environment where every girl feels part of the Villa family. We wish to value, emphasise and enhance the culture within our school and encourage girls to support, empower, uplift and inspire one another on their journey to becoming Mercy women”.

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